Dalgona Coffee is K-Pop(ular)

Consumers are going crazy for all things Korean — K-Pop is topping the charts, K-Beauty has taken over the skincare world, and shows like Squid Game have become bonafide (and Emmy-winning!) phenomenons. And, but of course, our love of Korean culture has extended into the realm of the edible, introducing exciting new flavors to American audiences. 

If you’ve spent any time scrolling through social media in the past two years, you’ve probably come across Dalgona coffee at least once. If not, let’s get you caught up! Imagine your classic iced coffee, but with a twist of irresistible sweetness and creaminess that will have you hooked from the first sip. It’s popularity exploded across the Pacific after actor/heartthrob Jung Il-woo drank it on a popular South Korean TV show called “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant.” Then in 2020, just as the coronavirus pandemic put the whole world into lockdown, Dalgona Coffee hit TikTok.

The craze was kicked off by creator @imhannahcho, whose attempt at recreating Jung’s beverage of choice quickly racked up 2,000,000 likes. Craving the coffee comforts that the pandemic had quickly forced the world to leave behind, people began trying to make this little piece of liquid luxury while trapped at home. The recipe is simple, combining espresso shots, condensed milk, and ice into a frothy, velvety, and heavenly treat that feels like something extra-special, but is easy enough for anyone to make in their own kitchens. Since then, the #dalgonacoffeechallenge hashag on TikTok has racked up more than 20 million views, and though the pandemic is squarely in our collective rear view mirrors, our love of Dalgona coffee is still going strong. 

Dalgona coffee upgrades your standard iced coffee experience into something extra-special. The combination of espresso’s bold, rich flavor and the indulgent creaminess of condensed milk creates a taste sensation that’s simply unbeatable. The contrasting textures and sweet creaminess against the bitterness of the coffee is simply unforgettable. But why stop there? Just like with lattes, Dalgona can be a base for experimentation, with fun and innovative flavor combinations that take this trend to the next level. Here’s some ideas to kickstart your coffee dreams!

  • Balance the creamy sweetness of Dalgona with the toasty flavor of nuts like hazelnuts or almonds. 
  • Give your Dalgona coffee a tropical tinge by replacing some of the sweetened condensed milk with coconut cream. Add a splash of pineapple juice or a sprinkling of chopped macadamia nuts to take it over the top!
  • Dark chocolate helps mellow out the sugary smack Dalgona coffee provides — and adding a little bit of chocolate to a coffee concoction is never a bad thing!
  • Consumers still go crazy over pumpkin spice lattes, so why not bring a bit of fall-spiced flavor to this South Korean treat? Add a pinch of cinnamon or a dash of chai syrup to your Dalgona for a warm and cozy flavor profile. 

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