Time to Kickstart a Fall Revolution!

Pumpkin spice got you snoozing? You’re not the only one hitting that seasonal yawn button. It was back at the turn of the century when Starbucks first dropped the Pumpkin Spice Latte, elevating the flavor into today’s autumn overlord status. Now, it’s popping up in every nook and cranny of our lives– from cafes to bakeries, even our dreams. But let’s be real: as much as it’s loved (hello, IG influencers!), we’re past the brink of it being a little, well…basic.

So, if we’re taking on the fall boss, where do we begin? The secret to the fall’s next flavor sensation may not lie in the pumpkin patch but instead be hiding among the global culinary scene, simply waiting for an autumnal makeover. We’re thinking about those classic dishes from around the globe that share many of the same ingredients and snuggle-up cozy vibes as pumpkin spice but with a savory edge ready to jolt your senses straight into the heart of fall. 

Take India’s Vindaloo — a flavor powerhouse that’s all about fall’s warmth and nostalgia. Yet, it’s not typically tagged as a “fall” dish, even though it brings all the same depth, spice, and everything nice of the reigning fall flavor champ. So what if we gave Vindaloo an “America in Fall” makeover? Think of, say, Vindaloo potato chips but recontextualized into a snack called “Autumn Glow.” They’re warm, they’re intriguing, and the taste is absolutely an untapped fall vibe.

But that’s just for starters. Ever tried a Moroccan Tagine? It’s a stealthy mix of cinnamon and clove that sneaks up on you with a sweet pumpkin spice nostalgia, and then BAM — a high-crave savory surprise. We could spin this into something like “Harvest Cinnamon Stew.” Now there’s a dish that’s so autumn, it’ll have leaves dropping in awe.

Or how about another year-round hit, Swedish Meatballs? This time subtly spiced with cardamom. There’s a heap of fall potential right there. Rebrand them as “Meatball Cozies,” and we’ve created a fall offering that’ll leave you searching for words more than an IKEA instruction manual. 

Even classics like Italian Alfredo can work. We plus it up with a dash of nutmeg, and voila, it’s no longer just a tried-and-true pasta; it’s a standout, creamy, dreamy fall fantasy.

And what’s a revolution without a toast? How about a Vindaloo-inspired Bloody Mary? Or should we say, “Harvest Mary?” How about a twist on Moroccan Mint Tea? Meet “Autumn Breeze.” These beverage twists offer more than just refreshment. They’re giving autumn in every sip.  

At Brookside, we’re diving headfirst into the global food scene, searching for the flavors that will smash the status quo and win over the masses. It’s about reimagining, rebranding, and reigniting fall’s food and beverage scene with much-loved, easily tweakable global hits.

Ready to give fall flavors a facelift? Hit us up.

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