#WaterTok is Making Waves. Let Your Brand Go Surfing.

In an endless universe of tasty TikTok content, new trends seem to capture viral popularity every other month. But #WaterTok isn’t just another viral beverage trend! It’s not about cold-pressed juices, pretty cocktails or fancy smoothies. Nope. This is about taking good ol’ H2O and turning it into a wild (and potentially healthy!) flavor ride.

Everyday folks, like TikTok creator Tonya Spanglo (a.k.a. @takingmylifebackat42), need nothing more than plain water, flavor additives, and the will to innovate to turn a humble glass of water into a viral sensation. These hydration heroes are creating craze-worthy concoctions like “Orange Mermaid Water” or “Unicorn Cotton Candy Water”, putting a whole new spin on the ol’ eight glasses a day. And with over 220 million views, it’s becoming clear that this might be becoming more than a trend — staying hydrated means staying healthy, and for GenZ, #WaterTok means wellness.

Consumers aren’t just consumers today — they’re also co-creators and innovators, and they want a customizable lifestyle that’s truly unique to them. When it comes to what they’re drinking, they’re not only looking for the flavors they love, but for the tools to make their mark on them as individuals. The challenge lies in how you jump in and stay true to your brand, while giving customers the unique flavors they crave.

There’s a buffet of options for you to explore, be it an array of flavors in your current lineup inspired by #WaterTok most innovative recipes, DIY flavor kits based for home mixologists, or a challenge for consumers to share their wild flavor inventions. Millennials and Gen Z are reimagining the way we drink; it’s time to begin reimagining your brand’s potential!

And remember, for a trend that was born out of a push for enjoyable hydration, why not also consider adding electrolytes or healthier additives into your beverage? According to recent research, hydration isn’t just about H2O; as better-for-you beverage sales continue to rise, it’s obvious that nutrients, adaptogens and other healthy additives are becoming as essential as flavoring. Today’s consumer craves a balance between the classic and the creative, and tbh, we’re here for it.

But don’t forget: it’s not just about riding the #WaterTok wave. It’s about shaping it, inspiring it, and becoming a part of it. As brands, we’re not just flavor creators — we’re storytellers. Let’s start writing the next chapter in the beverage book, a chapter that gives consumers the chance to rewrite the recipe as they please. After all, the best flavors are those that tell a story, right?

Looking to learn more about flavorful trends like #watertok? Ready to dive in?  Reach out to our team. They love answering questions and kicking of big things.

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