April Showers Bring May Botanicals

Cow Philosophy

Like ancient cow wisdom: forget pausing to merely sniff the roses, this summer, we’re chomping down on them like snacks. As April’s deluge makes way for May’s floral fanfare, a botanical boom is getting set to seduce your palette. We’re talking a roots-up revolution, infusing everything from your morning snack to your nighttime sip with a bouquet of botanical bacchanalia. Whether it’s rose-infused chocolates melting on your tongue or a hibiscus hard kombucha that pops with vivid colors and flavors like a fireworks display for the senses, this summer, botanicals are storming the flavor fortress — with every petal-packed morsel and gulp set to take over.

credit: © Espacio Crudo. Источник: https://www.behance.net/espaciocrudo

Wait, So We’re Really Eating Flowers Now?

We are. Gone are the days when blooms were just apology tools or Mother’s Day afterthoughts. It’s 2024, and now we’re all about devouring them—petal by petal. Why? Because we’re wild, we’re curious, and let’s be real, we all could benefit from a vibe check courtesy of Mother Nature. Millennials and Gen Z, notorious for pushing boundaries, continue pushing the envelope on flavors, turning every meal into an edible excursion into the exotic. Botanical and floral notes, previously the darlings of the perfume world, are getting sipped, munched, and thoroughly enjoyed. Flowers in vases? Passé. Flowers in your smoothie, your gin, or dressing up your dinner plate? That’s where it’s at. 

Flowers Are the New Flavor Powerhouses

Antioxidants? Check. Mood enhancements? You bet. Stress reduction? Absolutely. Loaded with functional perks, botanicals aren’t just for show—they’re flavorful wingmen in the game of natural chill. And let’s be honest, with the way things have been, who couldn’t use a little extra calm in their cup? 

Botanical Flavors Leading the Floral Charge:

  • Rose and Lavender: They’re not your grandmother’s perfumes. These OG aromatics are turning confections into connections with every scented, savory bite.
  • Hibiscus: This tangy trendsetter is making waves beyond the tea world, splashing its vibrant hues and fruity notes across beers, bissaps, kombuchas, and more, making every gulp a picture-perfect experience. 
  • Elderflower and Jasmine: Watch out for these floral front-runners adding their delicate whispers to gins and baked goods, crafting a subtle narrative of refreshing and refined taste.

Peep the Trend with these Trailblazers of Taste:

  •  Luna Bay’s Hibiscus Lavender Hard Kombucha: It’s the lovechild of tart and floral that’s as refreshing as a spring breeze.
  • Bloom’s Jasmine & Rose Gin: Imagine sipping on an English garden, smooth and soothing, an absolute bouquet in a bottle.

De Soi’s Botanical Aperitifs: Who needs booze when you can unwind with the refined, sophisticated flair of non-alcoholic botanical blends?

Market Watch: A Blooming Biz 

We’re not just spitting seeds here—the floral flavor sector is blossoming with a hefty 5.7% CAGR, stretching all the way to 2032. North America’s getting fragrant with a 4.6% spike in launches since 2018, and the Insta-verse can’t stop buzzing about everything from yarrow to linden blossom. This is the taste of tomorrow—today.

The Future is Flower-Flavored 

What’s unfolding is a new narrative in nutrition and indulgence. Botanicals are transforming the way we think about flavor, merging health benefits with sensory delight, and promising a summer of 2024 that’s as vibrant as it is delicious. It’s not just good for you; it’s good for the soul, setting the stage for a summer packed with innovation, wellness, and a world of floral fascination.

So, as we gear up for a season teeming with sensory overload, let’s get ready to roll in the deep—of flower beds, that is. If life hands you lemons, why not zest up the mix with a little lavender? Dive into the bloom boom with us, and let’s make this summer one for the books and one for the ‘Gram.

Ready to Blossom with Brookside? 

At Brookside Flavors, we’re not just watching the flowers grow; we’re the gardeners crafting the future of flavor. Join us as we plant the seeds of next-gen noshing, where every bite is a burst of nature. Looking to turn your product line into a floral fantasia? Let’s dig in and make those floral dreams a delicious reality.

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