From Bland To Grand: The Art of Taste Modulation

As the mercury climbs and the days stretch longer, consumers find themselves on the brink of another grand unlayering. This is the season when the flip-flops come out, the beach towels are shaken out, and we’re all a bit more conscious of what we’ve been hiding under those cozy layers. It’s swim body season, and most of us want to go into it looking less ‘couch potato’ and more ‘beach volleyball champ,’ one kale smoothie at a time.

This guy knows.

But here’s the catch: while consumers are chasing that fresh-out-of-the-cocoon glow, their favorite snacks and sips are often stuck in a sugar-laden hibernation. To the uninitiated, the solution may seem as simple as cutting back on the sweet stuff and calling it a day, but truth bomb here: crafting products aiming to reduce sugar, pile on the protein, or sneak in probiotics while still bringing the deliciousness is no walk in the park. Recalibrating food and beverage products to up the protein or fiber or cut the sweet by a meaningful 30% without watching your ‘yum’ ship sink demands expertise beyond adding just a pinch of this or a dash of that.

“Someone, please make these ‘good’ for me.”

So, the million-dollar question is: How do you stir up a frenzy for the better-for-you options consumers seek without killing the taste they love?

Imagine a world not too long ago when the quest for healthier food and drinks was a bit like crawling through a culinary desert, parched for flavor. You’d bravely reach for a ‘nutritious’ snack, take a bite, and then… disappointment. It was as if the food and beverage industry had decided that “good for you” was code for “taste optional.” Well, today, advancements in flavor science are turning what was once merely a mirage of better-for-you hope into a bona fide oasis of taste and nutrition. And it’s all thanks to the combination of flavor scientists/artists, check that, ‘wizards’ – and their ability to turn your tastebuds into ‘happy little trees’ by modulating taste perception.

For Brookside and our partners, Taste Modulation is more than a buzzword – it’s one of the many ways we create mindfully delicious solutions. Take a peek behind the curtain at Brookside Flavors, and you’ll find our flavor gurus in their element, donned in their best “Breaking Flavor” lab gear, and putting Taste Modulation to work on a wide variety of “better-for-you” foods and beverages. We’re talking about turning what would’ve been the equivalent of cardboard just a few years ago into a modern-day delight, all without sacrificing the nutritional halo.

At Brookside, “Breaking [the] Bad” means cutting through the jargon to create a taste profile powered by the mastery of taste modulation like lowering sugar, upping protein, boosting fiber, or reducing fat, all without skipping a beat on taste. Don’t be fooled; regardless of how much marketing is thrown at it, no single ‘magic’ molecule can be spread like pixie dust over these challenges — you need a company that will invest in overcoming your challenges so you can deliver the magic that’ll make ’em go “Mmmmmmmm.”

Whatever your ‘cowbell’, we’ve got ya covered.

At Brookside, your challenges are our playground. Whether it’s transforming a ho-hum beverage into a hydration hero or taking snacks from bland to grand, we’re on it. But we’re not just about making things taste better; we’re here to help you create food or beverages that are more than just fuel—they’re a journey, an experience, a comfort, a joy, and 100% delicious at every turn.

So, as we blow winter a goodbye kiss, let’s embrace the fresh possibilities of spring with bold tastes, guilt-free gulps, and snacks that satisfy our minds and bodies. Remember: the world of food and beverage is ever-evolving. With creativity, science, and a whole lot of love, there’s no limit to the ‘Made Better’ delights that await when you co-create with Brookside Flavors.

Flavor Wizardry 👆

Are you ready to get beyond the jargon and take action? Together, we can turn the daunting into the doable! Reach out here! And when you do, request a sample of our newest hydration hero sample pack! It’s a perfect demonstration of how we’re bringing it – functional, less sugar, and all the taste! Let’s Go!

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