Revolutionizing Wellness: Creating Exceptional Better-For-You (BFY) Food & Beverages for Health-Conscious Consumers

Once again, we find ourselves at the dawn of a new year, a time when we swear we’re going to hit the gym, eat better, and conquer our health goals with better choices. It’s “New Year, New You” season ya’ll! Of course, we’re always about embracing the wellness journey, but we’re definitely not about rabbit food or bland and gritty shakes. We’re here to create a world where wellness and flavor team up to bring epic, better-for-you (BFY) food and beverages to market. So, for this one, we’re pulling back the curtain on the secret world of crafting food and drink that can not only support wellness goals but also crush flavor expectations. 

Embracing the “New Year, New You” Mindset

January is that golden opportunity to reboot our lives, right? It’s a fresh opportunity to revamp our health routines, swap the bad stuff for the good stuff, and strive for a life that’s as nourishing as it is delicious. But let’s be honest here: it ain’t always a cakewalk. Jumping on the healthy eating train is one thing, but staying on it can be a struggle for consumers — especially if the BFY food or beverage choices lack real excitement.

That’s where our wizards at Brookside Flavors come in. These expert teams perform ‘made betterTM’ magic to develop winning health-minded fare that supports our bodies and minds while slapping a high-five to our taste buds. But how…?

Your Hack to Cracking the Wellness Code

Whipping up dishes and drinks that jive with consumer health goals while tickling taste buds is no small task. So, let’s look at a few hurdles the team clears for success:

Flavor Harmony: The challenge of melding health-conscious ingredients with flavors that scream “love me” is a challenge as old as time, but it’s where we thrive. We’re not out to just win consumers over for the fleeting New Year, New You period; we’re here to make a long-term impact. When that comes to better-for-you food or beverages, we start by diving headfirst into a world of bold, innovative flavors. This may involve leveraging natural flavor enhancers, exotic herbs, spices, or unique extracts, each used to elevate every bite and sip. Our toolbox is a treasure trove of solutions, each element selected for its power to revolutionize health-focused eating. It’s about striking that perfect chord where benefits meet taste to offer healthy choices that are as delicious as they are nourishing.

Keeping it Real: In today’s world, clean labels are more than a trend – they’re a consumer expectation. People want (and rightly so) to understand what they’re putting in their bodies. A key step to delivering on this is understanding your product’s goals. Then, by aligning those goals with the right simple, recognizable ingredients—focusing on organic, natural, and clean ingredients wherever possible—we ensure that what’s in your product is transparent and easily understood by consumers. It’s the name of the good-for-you game today, and earning consumer trust is the prize.

• Nutritional Integrity: Crafting a knockout BFY product is all about mastering the one-two punch of functional benefits and flavor ingenuity. We’ve found that adding superfood ingredients can often work like a cheat code to boost nutrition while cranking up the flavor. Think antioxidant-rich berries, nutrient-packed seeds, and immune-boosting herbs like spirulina, turmeric, and matcha extracts. These are just a few game-changers we use to meld with high function and great flavor.

Texture Alchemy: Funky mouthfeel or off-putting texture can sink even the tastiest food and beverages—it’s a literal make-or-break for consumers. That’s where our texture alchemy comes in. With each product, our team never sleeps on ensuring every bite is a delight—bringing a breadth and depth of culinary expertise, artistry, experimentation, and proven techniques to the equation. It’s vital to ensure consumers love and stay on board for the long haul, not just the resolution season.

OK, we didn’t pull the curtain all the way back. But that’s because every product, challenge, and customer we support is a one-of-a-kind story for us. So here’s the takeaway: our blend of benchtop ingenuity, ability to source better-for-you ingredients, and history of successful collaborations are all key to helping you help consumers crush their better-for-you goals without sacrificing any of the simple joys of eating and drinking.

How do you get started? 

Hit us up here! We are ready to help uncover the right consumer, market, and industry insights to get you in the game.

P.S. 2024 is more than just ‘New Year, New You!’ Season. It’s also the start of a NEW BROOKSIDE FLAVORS! We’re thrilled to announce the grand opening of our new customer-focused innovation, H.Q., where innovation will team up with flavor creation for a legit good time. Ready? Let’s go!!!

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