Maintain Your Balance

From off-notes counteraction to the creation of more intense, balanced flavors, there are multiple benefits to using our modulators:

Sweetness – Improves sweet taste by replicating the actions of sucrose, while improving mouthfeel and texture in reduced-sugar and lower calorie beverages and foods. Masks bitterness while enhancing sweetness.

Saltiness – Boosts the perception of salty flavor while providing an overall increase in the flavor and aroma profiles of sodium-reduced products.

Umami – Creates an Umami taste associated with proteins and amino acids such as nucleotides and glutamate typically found in cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Customized Flavor Creation – Discover the benefits of working with our Expert Flavorists – they’re ready to collaborate with you to create ideally customized blends for your specific formulation needs, for a perfect finish!

Sweetness Modulators Product Information

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