Whether you’re looking for savory or sweet flavors, you’ll find we have what you need for your next formulation. Looking for something “cooked to order”? Discover the benefits of Flavor Descriptor training and collaboration with our R&D Team, resulting in the creation of customized flavors to meet your specific needs.

We are a team on a mission, with a focus on always improving our customers’ experiences and getting you to market fast – everyone from start-ups to multi-nationals. We will help you lead the way with natural, organic and non-GMO flavors and ingredients.

Spice It Up

Pack more of a punch into all your formulations with our extensive range of savory ingredients. Our deliciously diverse menu of natural certified organic, as well as conventional flavors, yeast extracts, and modulators, can be used for all your Savory Applications:

• Soups, Bouillons & Bases
• Flavor Reactions
• Industrial Seasonings
• Salad Dressings & Cold Salads
• Sauces
• Gravies
• Dips
• Cheese & Dairy
• Meat Analogue / Plant-Based Meats
• Deli Meats
• Salty Snacks
• Frozen and RTE Entrees

Umami • Yeast Flavors • Organic Product Information
Clean Label HVP Alternatives Product Information

Kosher Options Available for Savory Ingredients.

Sweet Endings

Our natural and certified organic extracts, flavors, and modulators are hand-crafted and can be used for all your Sweet Applications:

• Bakery [Cakes, cookies, biscuits, etc.]
• Beverages [Non-alcohol, carbonated, dairy-based, etc.]
• Confectionary Indulgences [Gummies, chocolates, chews, etc.]
• Ice Cream
• Coffee Creamers
• Non-Dairy Yogurt
• Plant-Based Milks

Sweetness Modulators Product Information

Happy Hour

Our wide range of flavors will fuel the success of your Beverage Formulations.
Alcoholic Beverages – Spirits, Cocktail Mixers, Wine, Beer, Cider, Hard Seltzers, and Ready-to-Drink Beverages

TTB Flavors Product Information

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