BFI’s Summer #HotTakes Flavor Fest: Calamansi

☀️🔥 Ready to take on summer with a citrus that punches way above its weight? Dive into the vibrant world of Calamansi with our latest Summer #HotTakes flavor feature!

For this one, we’re cranking up the heat with Calamansi, a petite powerhouse whose sweet-tart punch is redefining citrus expectations.

ANNNDDD…since it’s #ThirstyThursday, let’s step up our beverage game with a Calamansi Crush—a totally swoon-worthy, refreshing summer cocktail. Each sip bursts with Calamansi’s sweet and tangy flavors, sparking a citrus revolution. This isn’t just another lemon-lime; it’s the game-changer your portfolio—and your customers—have been waiting for!

Hold up, there’s more! If Calamansi isn’t on your radar yet, or you’re just itching to know more, stay with us. In under two minutes, we’ve got everything you ned to know about this citrus sensation to impress your friends, colleagues and customers!

🍊 A Quick Squeeze of History:

Originating from the Philippines, Calamansi is a staple in local cuisine, known for its incredible versatility and vibrant flavor. This tiny gem is celebrated for transforming dishes and drinks with its uniquely bright citrusy flavor. More than just a culinary staple, Calamansi is woven into the fabric of daily life, playing a pivotal role in traditional Filipino remedies and wellness practices.

🏃🏽‍♀️🏃Harnessing Health Trends
Embracing trends like alkaline water and holistic detox, Calamansi’s healthy halo stretches beyond its natural alkalizing effects and can make it a modern-day must-have for health enthusiasts looking to balance their body’s pH and enhance detoxification. Its high Vitamin C content is perfect for today’s immunity-boosting diets, aligning with the surge in functional foods that support robust health. Plus, the antioxidants in Calamansi are a boon for anyone seeking anti-aging and wellness solutions, key components of today’s health-centric lifestyle.

🌟 Flavor Breakdown: The Calamansi Fruit:

Often described as a cross between a lime and a mandarin orange. Calamansi’s flavor is intensely citrusy, combining a sharp tartness with a hint of sweetness, which makes it a popular ingredient in beverages, marinades, and sauces across Southeast Asia. Its bright, zesty aroma and complex taste profile make it a standout citrus.

🍹Flavor Breakdown: The Calamansi Crush:

Turning this traditional citrus delight into our Calamansi Crush involves enhancing its natural flavors to create an even more compelling taste experience. By concentrating the juice, adding a hint of natural sweeteners, and blending it with other tropical fruit essences, we elevate Calamansi’s profile. This process turns the classic sour-bitter taste into a sweeter, more vibrant flavor explosion that retains its iconic punch but introduces a new level of depth and refreshment.

Calamansi Crush is perfect for those looking to add a tropical twist to their offerings, turning traditional citrus expectations on their head with its unique blend of sweet and tart, enhanced with a tropical flair.

If you wanna crush the competition, you should practice at home

Calamansi Crush Cocktail


            • 2 oz fresh Calamansi juice

            • 1.5 oz vodka (or your preferred spirit)

            • 1 oz simple syrup (adjust to taste)

            • Soda water or sparkling water

            • Ice

            • Calamansi slices or other citrus slices for garnish

Juice: Squeeze fresh Calamansi juice and set aside.
Mix: In a shaker, combine the Calamansi juice, vodka, and simple syrup. Add ice and shake well.
Pour: Strain the mixture into a glass filled with ice.
Top: Add soda water or sparkling water to fill the glass.
Garnish: Garnish with Calamansi slices or other citrus slices.
Serve: Crush your refreshing Calamansi Crush!

💡 Playbook: Application Ideation

Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Cocktails:
Calamansi Crush is a game-changer for the RTD market, where convenience meets craft cocktail experience. Its unique sweet-tart profile adds a refreshing twist to canned cocktails, making it a perfect summer offering. With its exotic, vibrant flavor, Calamansi Crush leaps off the shelf, calling out to consumers who crave something fresh, exciting, and absolutely delicious.

Cocktail-Inspired Non-Alcoholic Seltzers:
As the trend for health-conscious, low-calorie beverages continues to rise, incorporating Calamansi Crush into non-alcoholic seltzers brings all the cocktail vibes without the booze. Its zesty citrus punch turns seltzers into a sophisticated sip that could fool anyone into thinking it’s a gourmet cocktail. Perfect for those who want to indulge and stay on the wellness track.

Calamansi, and even the Calamansi Crush, don’t have to stop at drinks—these can be game-changer for confections, too. Imagine candies, chocolates, and pastries bursting with its bright, bold zest. The perfect balance of sweetness and acidity makes for gourmet sweets that pack a punch, taking you on a surprising flavor journey. Think Calamansi-infused chocolate truffles that melt in your mouth or tangy gummies that make your taste buds dance.

Culinary Creations:
Beyond beverages, Calamansi Crush is a rockstar in the kitchen. Picture this: sauces, marinades, and even desserts getting a zesty makeover. A calamansi dressing can bring a summer salad to life, and a drizzle over ice cream? Instant refreshment and flavor bomb. Its versatility makes it a must-have for chefs who want to inject bold, unforgettable flavors into their dishes.

Let’s Goooo!
Whether it’s shaking up your beverage menu or adding a burst of flavor to culinary creations, our Calamansi is here to make a summer splash. Ready to bring this game-changing flavor to your products? The crew at Brookside Flavors and Ingredients is here to help you make it happen. So, get out the shaker, mix up a cocktail, and let’s make this summer a celebration of flavor!

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