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We design and develop Made BetterTM food experiences that today’s consumers crave. Whether that means unlocking new favorites, flavor-matching your existing products, or developing a breakthrough product to crush your competition, we’re here to help you do it all.

From conventional to certified organic, botanical extracts and
everything in between — we’ve got you.


From manufacturing to regulation to claims –– and every decision in between –– commercializing beverage formulas demands expertise that can ensure consistency and success at scale. We’ll help you navigate design and development right the first time. Whatever it is–– TTB flavors in water-soluble, clear, colorless, or near-colorless formats for Spirits, Cocktail Mixers, Wine, Beer, Cider, Hard Seltzers, and Ready-to-Drink Beverages, we’ve got your foundation and future covered.


Functional, carbonated, or still. Familiar or novel in flavor. We offer the technical expertise, ingredients, and insights to make your next beverage project a success. Whether that means fermented and functional or fruity and fun, reducing sugar or revving it up with superfoods, we have your beverage needs covered. Bring us your next beverage design challenge and we’ll solve it together!


Confectionary foods are seeing unprecedented innovation in flavor and format. Evolving from familiar sweet treats to highly craveable vegan, plant-based, and even keto-friendly healthy indulgences. Regardless of your target, end-use, or wild vision, we’ll help you design and develop confections that keep consumers coming back for more. Be it a timeless sweet vanilla, dark chocolate, or citrus flavor to today’s novel superfruits, florals, and spices –– we have a sweet solution to your confectionary challenge.


Increasingly mindful consumers continue to push for healthier choices, a more sustainable planet, and improved animal welfare. Developing winning alt-proteins to meet this rising trend demands nuanced flavor profiles, taste modulation, and innovation. Let our deep experience in alternative protein development and proven formulation toolkits help you design ahead-of-trend products that satisfy the craving for conscious eating.


Ethnic and cross-cultural flavors are maintaining their hold on menus everywhere. No matter if you’re seeking authenticity or blending flavors for a fresh take – our savory arsenal has everything you need for your next high-crave seasoning, sauce, marinade, and meaty or plant-based protein products. Masterfully combining low, middle, and top notes, we’ll help you develop savory products that are a high note in your portfolio.


Consumer interest in precision or personalized nutrition continues to rise. Designing functional foods, beverages, and supplements tailored to dietary preferences while delivering on taste is the future of consumer wellness. From certified organic ingredients, alternative proteins, prebiotics or probiotics, and beyond, we factor product design needs into account early — ensuring you achieve a holistic and symbiotic solution on-time—that meets your consumers flavor expectations every time.

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