Flavor Wire

A Vision for Today and Tomorrow

As the flavor and ingredients industry evolves, many companies try to peek into the future in an effort to position themselves for the changes and opportunities that are bound to come. We are no different, but our belief in the “Healthy, Natural, Good For You” shift goes way beyond any marketing strategy. We passionately believe the opportunities proposed by a focus on organic, natural and sustainable flavors and ingredients can be good for our customers, partners and consumers when it comes to creating memorable taste experiences. That’s why Brookside Flavor and Ingredients is on a mission to lead the industry’s shift toward “Healthy, Natural, Good For You” products and applications.

The New Industry Standard

Our commitment to organic, natural and responsibly sourced extracts, ingredients, and flavors is not a fad. We believe it is the industry’s future and should become the new standard. Consumers expect their food experiences to be more farm to table, than lab to package. Companies producing sub-standard products from questionable sources will no longer be tolerated. The market is ready for higher quality, better innovation, and we believe in helping each of our partners develop products that align with and anticipate these new and evolving consumer values. 

The Value of Sustainability

Sustainability is more than a buzzword, it’s the way to do business. It is better for people, the planet and for the health of every business. Companies large and small are finding more and better ways to operate with less impact on the environment. For food producers that means traceable ingredient sourcing and rethinking some conventional, and previously accepted, processes. This shift to more natural and organic flavors leads to more “real food” experiences that are better tasting and better reflect consumers’ own behavioral shifts and sustainability awareness. Now, it is our goal to continue the push for sustainable flavors and ingredients and to provide our customers with the clean labels and clear conscience consumers demand.

All Roads Lead to Natural

There is a continued move towards natural and healthy alternatives, with “ethical” and “wellness” being key drivers for food value. Consumers continue to treat “artificial” with an even greater degree of suspicion, even hostility. “No artificial colors or flavors” is now common place in processed food products worldwide.

Brookside Flavors and Ingredients embraces innovation of natural processes in our research and development of new products. Our approach to new breakthroughs has always been less focused on creating new molecules in labs, and more focused on consumer research and our own relationships to the products we consume. We focus on ingredients from nature that are new, specific, unique and unparalleled.

Healthy, natural, “good for you” products are our commitment. Organic, plant-based, Kosher, Halal, gluten free, lactose free, allergen free, low salt and low fat products and applications are no longer niche, but the mass-market consumer expectations.

Good for Us All

The “Healthy, Natural, Good for You” shift transcends all cultures. We believe the products we help our customers create can be healthy, sustainable and all natural. And more importantly…we believe the products we create must absolutely taste great, not in spite of their healthy and organic origins, but because of them.