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An Appetizing Future

Our Vision

Brookside Flavors and Ingredients is leading the industry’s shift toward “Healthy, Natural, Good For You” products and applications. This is not just a phrase that we like to use – we passionately believe in greater opportunities with a focus on organic, clean label and natural. Make us your first choice for flavors and ingredients. The key take-away? When it comes to memorable taste experiences, we deliver good results for everyone – customers, partners, and consumers.

Always in Good Taste

Focus on Quality Organics

Recognizing the global push for organic flavors and ingredients, we enable you to create flavorful products with clean labels and a clear conscience. Consumers continue to demand natural and organic flavors, so we create more authentic dining experiences, with “real foods” – better tasting and better for the planet – reflecting the rising awareness of the consumer and how the foods they choose to eat affect their well-being and quality of life.

A Satisfying End Game

Better Choices for Everyone

The “Healthy, Natural, Good for You” shift transcends all cultures. The innovative foods and beverages that we help our customers to create are healthy, organic, and all natural – and the end products taste amazing, not in spite of their healthy origins, but because of them.

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