A New Perspective on TTB Flavors

Let Brookside be your go-to resource for TTB flavors. In addition to our quick response and excellent turnaround times, there are multiple advantages to working with us when formulating your beverages, including our strong familiarity with the TTB approval process. Based on your particular requirements, we’ll create custom-made products with minimum order quantities that work for you.

An added value of working with BFI is our comprehensive understanding of the marketplace, enabling the creation of formulations that taste great, while meeting consumer demands for beverage options, such as alcoholic drinks with reduced sugar or less calories. For example, the canned cocktail trend will continue to be a strong one. Between the hard seltzer sales boom, the dramatic rise of canned mixed drinks, and relaxed regulations that allow bars in many states to sell alcoholic drinks to take home, cocktails-to-go are here to stay! Sweet, spicy or refreshing, our expert flavorists will help you bring your next formulation to life.

According to the 2021 Trend Report from Tastewise, one of the Top 10 consumer trends is Purposeful Cocktails*, alluding to many U.S. consumers identifying as at-home “mixologists” who have discovered a new interest in cocktail making. Their skill set is applied to cocktails with a nutritional or functional punch, including alcohol-free mocktails, a newly-energized category using delicious, high-end ingredients [such as the ones BFI offers]. Also on the rise is consumer interest in expertly crafted cocktails with a twist – drinks that can help alleviate bodily ills, for example, those containing ingredients known for their gut-soothing powers or detoxifying elements – and we expect to see this trend continue in 2021*.

*Tastewise 2021 Trend Report [January 2021] #4 Purposeful Cocktails

Whether you’re formulating cocktail mixes [including both alcoholic and alcohol-free spirits], wine, beer, cider, hard seltzers or ready-to-drink beverages, we offer a broad range of natural Flavor Profiles: sweet, spicy, fruity or botanical. Our creative Pure Extracts can be used for clean-label and organic claims. Formats include water-soluble, clear, colorless or near-colorless, and since we’re developing new flavors all the time, the applications are virtually unlimited, providing highly appealing choices for many consumers. Let’s create something memorable together!